The cover of Butch's first album "Mosaic of Me", recently purchased on ebay for $4.67.

One of Butch's hobbies is photography. CLICK HERE to view Butch's Self Portraits!

Butch got his start as a singer back in the 80's when he was 21 years old. Completely in love with the "glam rock" scene, he went on the show "Star Search" and sang his heart out on the best power ballad he knew. Unfortunately he was awarded "Runner-Up" status when he was beaten by a short, squeaky-voiced guy in a tailcoat singing "Over the Rainbow."

Not discouraged by this, Butch persisted and was able to get a few albums released on a small label called Tycoon Records. His first album, "Mosaic of Me," sold moderately well due to Butch's constant, shameless promoting during his club gigs. The album included such memorable tunes as "An Amazon with Pajamas On," "Kiss and Make It Bigger," "Cat Poop in my Zen Garden," and what's become his anthem "Bigger Bluer Blonder."

By theBy the time his second album was released, he had joined up with his own band called Wired. Butch Maguire and Wired played all over the country and eventually recorded another album which was entitled "Down Home - Dirt Roads." The rest of Wired included Jimmy Hobbs - guitar, Petey Paulson - drums, Miles Shombaugh - guitar, Ronnie St. Montgomery - keyboards and Jervis Gault - bass. The album sold fairly well, but Wired broke up a year after the album's release.

In early 2001, Butch met a manager named Charity Goldman who owned an entertainment company. Her firm "Charity's Functions" specialized in weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties & other social gatherings. She foresaw a rise of the 80's in modern popular culture and wanted to start a franchised cover band called "Mullet, Inc." that would cater to the forthcoming revival. She hired Butch to portray "Roland Rok", the lead singer of Mullet, Inc.

The cover of Butch's second album with the band "Wired" called "Down Home - Dirt Roads."

For a brief period of time, Butch and Wired's keyboardist Ronnie St. Montgomery teamed up to form a two man band called "Two Cool." Tired of dealing with the politics of larger bands, Butch had hoped that this two man group would tour the world's clubs and lounges performing keyboard versions of rock favorites.

But a girl named Caprice Stanton came between them, and their dreams of being a "Simon & Garfunkel" for the 80's. Caprice, who was Butch's girlfriend for two years, began secretly seeing Ronnie during the first few months of their musical partnership. Feeling betrayed by both his girlfriend Caprice and his best friend Ronnie, he abruptly left after a heated argument with the two in 1989. Butch and Ronnie haven't spoken since. Caprice died in a car accident in 1997. Butch keeps himself busy searching for the ideal woman to help him forget Caprice. CLICK HERE to see the "Bigger, Bluer, Blonder" type of chick he digs!

This shot was taken of Butch and entertainment maven Charity Goldman during their first meeting about the creation of her brainchild "Mullet, Inc."

Here, Butch poses with his bandmates from Mullet,Inc., the new band formed by Charity Goldman to capitalize on the forthcoming 80's revival. From left to right are...Butch, C.C. Rodriguez, Len Donovan, Kimba Weatherwax & Antoine Berry. In the band, their character names are Roland Rok, Tomi Taylor, Roymus L. Dixon, Jenny Jam & Spike Sandwich respectively. Charity is presently working on getting the band on television in a show called "Livin' On A Prayer," a reality show that will follow the band on their musical adventures.

So these days, Butch is very lucky that he's able to still sing the music he loves, and simultaneously make a living at it. His friends describe him as a charming, driven dreamer, but still under the delusion that he can make it big in the music industry.

An unrepentant serial-dater, he can arrange a one-night stand faster than you can say “New Coke” - but Butch really lives for the gigs. The only things bigger than his hair are his dreams. A little known, private fact (at least according to his friends) is that he's named his trademark handlebar mustached Carmine, after the legendary rock drummer Carmine Appice.

Butch's inspiration, rock drumming legend Carmine Appice.


Here's a copy of the flyer Butch sent out to his friends announcing that he's be playing the character Roland Rok in the band Mullet, Inc.

Former Wired bassist Jervis Gault has updated his look to fit with the modern styles. Unlike Butch he decided not to stick with the retro 80's glam look, as he is now focusing on writing poetry and owning a chain of combination car wash/fajita restaurants.

Here are some more snapshots from Butch's personal photo album...

80's pop sensation Tiffany poses with her old
singing pal Butch Maguire at a recent reunion.

Here's the photo that Tiffany signed for Butch.

Every once in awhile, Butch will meet up with his
former Wired bandmates. Here, he's pictured with
former Wired guitarist Jimmy Hobbs, who has since cut
his long hair and become a very succcessful owner of
an electronics store franchise.

Butch also recently ran into former Wired drummer
Petey Paulson, who now runs his own company
specializing in adult websites.

Butch is pictured here with former Wired Guitarist
Miles Shombaugh, who is now an executive in the
television industry.

Butch and former Wired manager Ricky Reese ran
into each other at an art gallery exhibit of great
rock album art.

Here, Butch is posing in a chain mail tank top that
was actually worn by his hero Sebastian Bach of Skid
Row during their 1989 tour.

Butch, a regular at a local L.A. karaoke bar, knocks
the audience dead with his rendition of "Unchained Melody!"

Butch takes the stage to sing Bon Jovi's
"Dead Or Alive" with a couple of the guys, including
Bruce Kulick, formerly of KISS on the far left!

Butch still likes to take the time to meet and pose
with groupies for snapshots like this.

"Butch's Blast from the Past: The Early Years"

Butch entertains the crowd while singing lead in
the band Lance Romance.

And early Butch Maguire publicity shot.

Butch invites the crowd to sing along.

Butch used to like to use all his talents during
his concerts, including the lost art of juggling.

Butch, also a very talented maraca player, plays
to the crowd in his famous black leather outfit.

Butch screams out another great vocal performance.

Another early Butch Maguire publicity shot.