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Check out these pictures from the "LOAP" premiere !


“Livin’ On A Prayer” is a short film shot “mockumentary” style. It focuses on an 80’s cover band who believes, since 80’s retro is currently all the rage in popular culture, that they can parlay this fad into major success for themselves. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned.  It features a cast of wonderful improv actors playing the band "Mullet, Inc.", plenty of wacky surprises, and all of the hilarious trials and titillating tribulations they encounter as they try to “make it”. 

 As the plot unfolds, our heroes believe they’ve finally hit the big time when they’re asked to headline an “All ‘80’s Cruise”. Unfortunately, the band’s personal manager has made a serious blunder, and it's not discovered by the band until mere minutes before stage time!!!  With a hysterical surprise ending that will have everyone rolling, "Livin' On a Prayer" is sure to entertain young (new 80's fans) and old (people who were THERE!) alike! 

 "LOAP" boasts amazing celebrity cameos by 80's icons Bruce Kulick (KISS), Lydia Cornell ("Too Close For Comfort") and Carmine Appice (legendary rock drummer)!

 A cross between "Spinal Tap" and "Reno 911," "Livin' On a Prayer" coins the term "SURREALITY TV" for a whole new style of television formatting.  “Livin’ On A Prayer” (named after the #1 hit song by Bon Jovi from 1986) is produced and directed by Ken Dennis, former producer of Fox TV’s red-hot hit “Family Guy,”  and was created by Wally Wingert.


Butch Maguire Lead Singer

A charming, driven dreamer, Butch Maguire is under the delusion that he can still make it big in the music industry. Refusing to cut his hair, Butch personifies 80's glam-rock with the force of a red Lucite guitar smashed on an amp. An unrepentant serial-dater, he can arrange a one-night stand faster than you can say “New Coke” - but Butch really lives for the gigs. The only things bigger than his hair are his dreams. He has named his mustache "Carmine" after his idol, legendary rock drummer Carmine Appice, who also sports a handlebar.

CLICK HERE for more info about Butch!

Kimba Weatherwax Keyboardist

Kimba is a sexy wolf in sheep's clothing. She plays the part of the obligatory 80's rock bimbo onstage, but is sharp as press-on nails in real life. An only child to famous rocker parents, she had seen it all by the age of ten. Kimba started performing on stage with her iconic father as a kid. She spent most of her childhood on a tour bus surrounded by the biggest stars of the day: Cindy Lauper, Rick Springfield, Alf. It is her dad's house that the band lives in, unbeknownst to him. Her wit is biting and insightful.

Antoine Berry Bass player

Antoine is an effeminate black man who plays the band’s resident punker. His ambiguous sexuality keeps his friends more bewildered than Boy George making a restroom choice at an airport. Antoine is a nice guy underneath it all and is frequently the voice of reason in the group. Though he is completely bald, he glues on a “frohawk” for performances and can offer the best cockney snarl this side of Johnny Rotten.

Len Donovan Lead Guitar

Len begrudgingly plays the token new wave character although he loathes 80s music and everything that era’s pop culture represented. As the most musically educated and classically trained band member, he endures everything through his superiority complex. Married too many times to count and the alimony, child support, and back taxes to show for it, Len swallows his pride for every gig.

C.C. Rodriguez Drummer

This sexy, completely vacuous Latina bombshell is thrilled to be in the band as the leather-clad tough chick. Oblivious to her magnetism, she floats through life like a strip of sexual flypaper – cluelessly attracting an endless string of drooling men. Delightfully free of the ravages of intelligence, she speaks her singular mind impulsively without any pesky screening. Her naiveté and star-struck enthusiasm is set in stark contrast to Kimba’s world-weary ennui.

Charity Goldman Mullet, Inc. Manager

As the manager of our band, Charity is forever cutting a deal. She constantly refers to "The Big Guy" (meaning the owner of Mullet, Inc. to whom she allegedly reports) but the truth is it's just a subterfuge. The band is unaware that she’s not only the wealthy creator/owner of the entire Mullet, Inc. franchise, but a very successful entertainment company as well.

No one would ever guess that this neurotic, babbling yenta in a rumpled skirt, is also an altruistic, philan-thropic member of society's elite. But the seedy side of managing an 80's rock band is so much more exciting than meeting the ladies for a game of canasta.


John and Yoko. Whitney and Bobby. George Michael andthat other guy. There have been many legendary rock couples. Butch and Kimba? Not so fast… Sexual chemistry aside, there are easier things than working through a failed fling toward friendship. Especially when you play in the same band. And live in the same house. And share the same bathroom. And are not sure who has prettier hair. Mick Jagger once said that he had a nightmare where he went to hell: he was in a band with the greatest musicians who ever lived – and they were all doomed to play only Carpenters songs. Welcome to Len Donovan’s life. It doesn’t faze the rest of the band that he thinks he’s too good for 80s music; his sourness has its own charm. If Antoine did nothing but keep the rest of the band guessing what’s next, it would be a full time job. Prying is not as easy as it looks. But who is more worth snooping on than a really, really good friend? In their onstage personas, C.C. is leather to Kimba's lace. Their off-stage realities couldn't be more reversed.

The Tide is High: The band is elated when Charity books the band on an all 80s cruise. Unfortunately, the cruise isn't quite what it seems, and the surprise ending is hilarious!

Money For Nothing: Len needs money so he secretly sells Butch’s 80s collectibles on E-Bay. Butch gets caught in a bidding war, unwittingly buying his own stuff.

Can’t Fight the Feeling: Kimba buys pheromones to surreptitiously attract Butch, but they work on C.C. instead.

Don't Dream It's Over: Butch borrows what he thinks are Kimba’s hair products, which cause his hair to fall out. As his mane dwindles, so does his singing ability.

Who Can It Be Now?: The band encourages Antoine to try his hand at online dating so they can figure out his preference.

Video Killed the Radio Star: Butch finds an amateur sex video where one of the subjects looks like him; and tries to discover the truth without his bandmates
finding out.

Rhythm of the Night: Len writes a melody and then hears it everywhere he goes - from window squeegees to police sirens - and thinks he's going crazy.

Ship of Fools: A cruise ship carrying a 70s band has engine trouble and must evacuate onto the boat carrying Mullet, Inc., resulting in a pop-culture war for the affections of the ship’s passengers.

Devil Inside: As a joke, the bandmates replace the tape in Butch's collectible Teddy Ruxpin to make him think it's possessed. But when Butch believes it does have supernatural powers, the band exploits this to get him to do their bidding.

Every Dawg Has its A (flat): Antoine finds a strayLhasa Apsa and discovers it attacks when anyone strikes an A flat note. The band figures out how to exploit this response in their negotiations with Charity.

Crazy For You: Kimba's psycho ex-boyfriend returns to pick up where they left off, but she's not interested. Unbeknownst to each other, Butch, Antoine and Len each develop independent schemes to pose as her husband.

Cruel To Be Kind: A guy falls for C.C. at a gig, but their resulting date has him disappointed that, in real life, she's not the same tough, no-nonsense femme fatale she was on stage. He asks that she remain in character during their date.

  These are actual screenshots from the forthcoming short film "Livin' On A Prayer!" More shots will be posted as they are obtained.  Here's a taste of what's in store...

Mullet, Inc. takes the stage!

Lead singer Butch Maguire...

The band sends up the "Down Under" video from the 80's

Len is accosted by Kimba

"somebody's watching" Kimba...

Lindsay Moore, one of the many beautiful LOAP girls

The horrible "Weird Al/Madonna mishap"

Kimba on the keys!

Butch is confused when he answers the door

Len and his lady have their relaxation time interrupted

While Antoine exfoliates, he and Butch work out a problem

Len's two favorite and girls!

Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick makes a cameo!

Butch and Bruce argue over dinner.

Mullet, Inc. performs during one of their photo sessions.

Butch fantasizes about riding around with Pamela Anderson


Carmine Appice and his ladies do some shopping

World famous rock drummer Carmine Appice meets the gang in a toy store

Director Kensington Syngen-Smythe does his best Fonzie impression


The band consoles Butch over "the mistake"

C.C. finds another one of Butch's hairballs in the shower

Butch's bed is full of Butch's Bee-otches

C.C. hits the skins!

Butch and Len rock out!

Butch and Kimba on stage

Mullet, Inc. sends up the Thriller video

Butch and Kimba mug during a photo shoot.

In a 1984 flashback scene, we see Mullet, Inc. keyboardist Kimba Weatherwax performing at the age of 5 with her rockstar parents Miles and Danica Weatherwax "The Cunning Runts."

Kimba Weatherwax as she looked in the 1984 rock video "Falling At Your Feet." 

Butch and Kimba argue over keeping the "Weird Al" routine in the show

"Too Close For Comfort's" Lydia Cornell makes a surprise appearance!

Butch mugs for the camera